18 May 2019

Northern Mockingbird: 1 Red Tail Hawk: Nil

Posted by Dan Satterfield

This is definitely my first post regarding birds but this is something you have to watch.

A Northern Mockingbird goes after a Red Tail Hawk for intruding in its area. This is from the WBOC Weather camera on top of the bell tower at Salisbury University. I shot it with my iPhone on our very large monitor in the weather office. The Mockingbird bothered him for over 30 minutes before the hawk finally gave in and left. Mockingbird 1 Hawk nil!

We were able to show a little of it live to our viewers at the end of our 6 PM newscast. Interestingly, I had just watched a series of 24 videos on birds (Great Courses) last week and I was very proud of myself for correctly identifying both species! The local bird experts soon told me I was right! The second video below has the added benefit of my “play by play”!