16 May 2019

Who Is Doing a Good Job Covering Climate?

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The NY Times and the Washington Post are among the few major media outlets that I would give at least a B grade on their climate coverage. 

Most deserve an F, but there are strong signs that this is about to change (See my previous post).

This past Sunday the Washington Post magazine had 24 of their climate change covers and it is worth sharing.

I talked to a group just today about climate change and I titled the talk:

Climate Change- It’s worse than you think, but there’s still hope.

Admittedly, I thought twice about that title since we often hear the word alarmist from some quarters, but I thought about it and realized that while I might open myself to that type of criticism, the label is accurate.

Read the WAPO pieces linked below and you will likely come to the same conclusion.

FYI: Both March and April of 2019 were the second warmest on record. So far 2019 is the third hottest on record. See here: https://climate.copernicus.eu/climate-bulletins