20 February 2019

January 2019 Was Third Hottest On Record, and No It’s Not a”Natural Cycle.”

Posted by Dan Satterfield

NOAA announced today that January was the third hottest on record and the ten warmest have all been since 2002.

Think about that for a second. If you think that the climate is not changing, then that statistic is impossible to reconcile. Oh, you may say that this is just a warm period globally, and the thermometer record is not long enough to have any meaning. Well, that record is extended by very good proxies (like tree rings etc), and the January’s of this century are likely the warmest in thousands of years.

Still, doubt it?

Ok, then tell me where the heat is coming from because it’s all about the physics.

It has to come from somewhere, and we know that carbon dioxide traps heat. We know it because of thousands of experiments that have never been refuted and we understand it as well as we understand why the sky is blue. Look at the graph below and you will see what we know and also why the uncertainties that do exist are not enough to falsify the hard truth that it’s the greenhouse gases that are warming the planet.

IPCC Assessment Report 5.

This is the scientific truth, and while it may conflict with your political or world view, it’s still true. Go ahead and scream natural cycles all you want when we meteorologists post the data each month, but until you prove that graph wrong, no one is going to take you seriously. 

I realized before age ten that if I thought some scientific finding was not true, I’d better learn an awful lot about it and then ask some experts why my idea was wrong. I instinctively knew that I should do this before telling every science body on the planet that they were in error! Additionally, I understood that if I failed to do so, I’d end up making a fool of myself.

Certainly, I’m not special and most people came to the same realization by the time they were a young adult, but my question here is why do some fail to gain the ability to recognize this?
(The answer, of course, is that it conflicts with their political worldview.)