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21 March 2019

One of The Most Iconic Science Images of 20th Century Science is 20 years Old.

When we look back on 20th-century science a few decades from now, a few images that stand out above the rest. Earthrise may be the most famous. It was taken by Apollo 8 Astronaut Bill Anders 50 years ago last December. I’ve written before about how that single image changed the way we humans see our planet.  Here’s another image that also led to a dramatic change in how we see …


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7 March 2019

Thoughts on the Lee County Alabama Tornado: Worthless Sirens and Unsafe Mobile Homes

I’m hearing the same familiar refrain after the Lee County Alabama tornado last week. Newspaper reports saying there was little warning while residents say they never heard the sirens. Sirens Are So Last Century Let’s get the sirens out of the way first. They are not (and never were) designed to be heard indoors. We are talking 1930’s technology, and while some days it may not seem like it, we …


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