29 June 2016

31 Scientific Societies Send Congress Letter on Climate Change. It pulls no punches.

Posted by Dan Satterfield

2016GlobalNumbers_TopTenYearsUpdate_660_371_s_c1_c_cA letter signed by the directors of over 30 different scientific societies was sent to the Congress this week. The AGU, and the American Meteorological Society, were among the signers. Jason Samenow at the Washington Post has a piece on this as well today. Research by Ed Maibach at George Mason Univ., and others at the Yale Program on Climate Change, indicates that the number of those who dismiss climate change as a problem are a small minority (Ed Maibach is a friend, and told me it is under 13% now at a conference we attended this month.).

Here is the letter ctsy. the AAAS (Also a signer).



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