10 August 2015

Bad Science Is Always Fair Game

Posted by Dan Satterfield

031-To-be-scientifically-literateWhen Daily Show host John Stewart said goodbye last week he gave his fans some advice that I thought was excellent- If you see B.S., then say something. So, with that in mind, this is fair notice that while I steer away from policy, if a politician says something about science that is clearly wrong, then they deserve to be called on it. I did that with Mike Huckabee a few days ago, and now we have another. The story below with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is the latest to say something undeniably wrong about science, but unlike Hucakbee who actually believes in his myths, I think Kasich was lying Sunday on Meet The Press. He’s admitted in the past that climate change is real,(Something there is no scientific doubt on) and that humans are causing it. The difference now is that he’s running for president, so he has to tell the base the lie they want to hear.

Well, make no mistake, and do not be fooled! If he gets elected, those lopped off mountains in West Virginia will be covered in green grass with hideous looking turbines on top. What’s worse, you’ll be able to see them from 30 miles away because he’ll close all those coal-fired power stacks on the Ohio River down. It gets worse though, and someone should try to convince the base the real truth, I hear reliably that he thinks chemtrails are a hoax and he wants to restart HAARP research as well. Now, I’m not going to go so far as to assert that he has a library card, but frankly, a freedom of information act request to the Columbus library system would settle that rumor once and for all!