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9 August 2015

National Geographic Adjusts Arctic Maps To Account For Ice Loss

  The National Geographic Society has put out a press release about their recently updated Arctic maps, with a more realistic depiction of the muli-year ice pack. The animated gif above shows the dramatic and unprecedented change underway at the top of the world. Interestingly the Antarctic is different because instead of ocean you have land with thousands of feet of ice on top. As that land ice melts, it …


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Why I Hope They Label GMO Foods

Just saw a story on the BBC that Scotland has banned GMO crops. I wonder if they know that every crop growing there now has been genetically modified by humans and nature countless times? The folks that passed the ban have been genetically modified as well! I actually hope that they do make labelling of GMO foods mandatory. Actually, I don’t see why they shouldn’t proudly display it on the …


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