9 August 2015

Why I Hope They Label GMO Foods

Posted by Dan Satterfield

131860_563048003756592_1339874123_oJust saw a story on the BBC that Scotland has banned GMO crops. I wonder if they know that every crop growing there now has been genetically modified by humans and nature countless times? The folks that passed the ban have been genetically modified as well!

I actually hope that they do make labelling of GMO foods mandatory. Actually, I don’t see why they shouldn’t proudly display it on the products. In general that means less insecticide was probably used, and it will taste better.

That seems  like a win-win to me.

If someone comes along with some rigorous scientific evidence that these foods are not good for me, I’d likely change my mind, but I doubt that will happen, since most of what I have eaten for the past 50 years has been modified, and I’m still alive. The cold wind off the North Sea is making Sagan’s candle flicker tonight….