11 December 2011

Stephen Schneider Memorial Lecture at AGU in San Francisco

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Thanks to Bud Ward at the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media, I was in the audience at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco when Dr. Richard Alley (His book the Two Mile Time Machine is a MUST read) was given the Stephen Schneider Memorial Award for Climate Science Communication. Stephen Schneider spoke at Climate ONE in 2009, and the video below was produced from that talk, and shown to those in attendance. Thanks to Climate ONE, I can share it with you.

I mentioned in my last post, the superb lecture by Dr. Ben Santer at the AGU meeting on Thursday. Santer is one of the most respected scientists working in climate modeling (and atmospheric physics in general). The video above is about the man for whom the man for whom the lecture is named. Dr. Santer’s lecture was IMHO the best talk I heard at the AGU meeting.

Gladly, I can share this with you as well (Video is CG43G):

CG43G : AGU Fall Meeting 2011 from American Geophysical Union on Vimeo.