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14 December 2011

Slowing Down A Light Beam With A Camera That Shoots A Trillion Frames Per Second

There is an amazing video out tonight on YouTube from the MIT Media Lab. They’ve developed a camera that can make an exposure of only two trillionths of a second! We all know light travels about 300,000 km each second, and that breaks down to about 300 meters in a millionth of a second. This means it’s possible with this camera to make a movie of a light beam moving …


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The Things Hydrogen Atoms Can Do… If Given 13.7 Billion Years

With the announcement today that the scientists at CERN have found some tantalising hints of the Higgs Boson, it’s a good time to repost this TED talk from UK Astrophysicist Brian Cox. The basics of the standard model are not that difficult to understand, and if Brian Cox leaves you wanting more, I have some links to some superb books for non scientists (and meteorologists!) on a post I wrote …


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