3 May 2010

Is The Ash Coming Back?? Maybe

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The unpronounceable Volcano is causing air traffic problems again. Photo from Iceland Met Office. Photo by Olafur Sigurjonsson

Ireland is closing it’s airspace at 7am Tuesday morning because of ash. The ash is below 20,000 feet so it may not be too disruptive to transatlantic air traffic. The ash is expected to drift over the UK later Tuesday and this may impact Heathrow and Gatwick. If that happens, you will see major disruptions.

Below is the latest forecast from the UK Met office:

Ash forecast courtesy UK Met Office.

The eruption shows no sign of abating. Thankfully, Katla the more dangerous volcano nearby is (so far) quiet.

I’ll post updates if things change. Looking at the upper air charts as well…