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7 September 2018

Friday folds: Continuing contorted Conestoga carbonates

The first Friday of September calls out for a fold. The Burle Business Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania has an answer – several of them, in fact!


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16 August 2018

A suite of deformational features in Lancaster limestones

In the Landisville Quarry, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, there is a quarry that cuts into Cambrian limestones. (The exact identity of these limestones is apparently a matter of some dispute, but that’s not going to stop us!) I visited the quarry in June on a field trip offered through the NAGT’s Eastern Section annual meeting. We witnessed multiple varieties of deformation there. First off, there was straight-up brittle extension, resulting in bedding-perpendicular …


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15 July 2018

Chickie’s Rock, Pennsylvania

A virtual field trip to the deformed quartzites and metaconglomerates of Chickie’s Rock and Sam Lewis State Park in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


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13 July 2018

Friday fold: the anticline at Chickie’s Rock

Chickie’s Rock is a prominent cliff of Cambrian quartz arenite (sandstone) in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I visited it last month with field trippers at the eastern section meeting of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers. One of the aspects of the site is this gentle anticline with axial planar cleavage: The yellow rectangle is my field notebook for scale. Another shot: Happy Friday to all!


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9 June 2018

Friday fold: contorted carbonates of the Conestoga Formation

Today, in Millersville, Pennsylvania, on the campus on Millersville University, I saw these contorted carbonates. They are of the Cambrian Conestoga Formation, and I saw them on a NAGT Eastern Section field trip led by Lynn Marquez of Millersville University. This deformation is purported to be Taconian, but it looks very much like Alleghanian deformation in similar aged and composition rocks in Virginia. Interesting!


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12 September 2015

New GigaPans from Team M.A.G.I.C.

Hampshire Formation outcrops on Corridor H, West Virginia: link (Marissa Dudek) link (Callan Bentley) Faults in the Tonoloway Formation, Corridor H, West Virginia: link (Marissa Dudek) Conococheague Formation, showing stromatolites and cross-bedding: link (Callan Bentley) link (Jeffrey Rollins) Tiny folds and faults, from a sample I collected somewhere, sometime… oh well, it’s cool regardless: link (Robin Rohrback) Fern fossil in Llewellyn Formation, St. Clair, Pennsylvania: link (Robin Rohrback) Cross-bedding in …


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24 April 2013

Native copper from the Catoctin Formation

Another new insight from last week’s visit to the Outdoor Lab was that they have several fine examples of native copper found in float of the Catoctin Formation on their property. Here are a few examples: Classic examples – a bit of malachite in there too, it looks like. I wasn’t totally shocked when I saw these items, since just a month or two ago, I was shown a similar …


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23 August 2011

My best flutes

Fellow geobloggers Brian and Eric have been getting all flutey on us lately, so I figure it’s a good time to show my best photo of flute casts: As the annotated copy suggests, this was taken on the side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike back in March 2008, when four Honors students and I drove up to Buffalo for a northeastern section GSA meeting. The strata are probably Devonian in age, …


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29 March 2011

Tillite in outwash

Hoo boy. This one made me yelp… While on the glacial geology of western Pennsylvania trip last Saturday, we visited a gravel quarrying operation. The operators were extracting gravel from a glacial lake delta deposit, and it was full of glacial outwash — sediments washed out from the melting front of the Erie lobe of the Laurentide ice sheet. We were there to look at the Pleistocene features, but several …


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28 March 2011

A glacial delta complex in western Pennsylvania

A week ago Saturday, my three Honors students and I went on a field trip led by Gary Fleeger of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, to examine some cool glacial features in western Pennsylvania. The trip was associated with the joint meeting of the northeastern & north-central sections of the Geological Society of America, held in Pittsburgh. My favorite part of the trip was examining a glacial delta complex near Jacksville, …


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