24 April 2020

Friday fold: The geologic map of Pennsylvania

Posted by Callan Bentley

This is such a gorgeous map:

Link 0.43 Gpx GigaPan of a geologic map by Berg, T.M., Edmunds, W.E., Geyer, A.R., Glover, A.D., Hoskins, D.M., MacLachlan, D.B., Root, S.I., Sevon, W.D., and Socolow, A.A., (1980)

I’ve been organizing a bunch of geologic maps this week for my Historical Geology students, and this is one of the most beautiful. I merged the two halves of the map that were available online and posted the result on GigaPan, which allows students to zoom in and out to various interesting parts of the map. To me, the contrast between the tightly-folded Valley & Ridge and the broader folds of the Allegheny Plateau is striking – and gorgeous!