7 August 2020

Friday fold: syncline in Helderberg Group limestones

Posted by Callan Bentley

I went on a day of field work last week to Corridor H, West Virginia, to help make drone-based photogrammetric 3D models of the huge outcrops there. One site we stopped at is this beautiful V-shaped syncline in Devonian-aged Helderberg Group limestones.

Click to enlarge

Here are two layers traced out:

Here is a GigaPan that Alan Pitts shot of this outcrop several years ago, when it was a bit fresher, and in a different season, to boot. You’ll note some significant differences in comparing the two views!

Happy Friday to you. Today marks one week of residence at my new house in the hills north of Charlottesville; we’re finally starting to feel settled in. I hope you are well.