12 October 2018

Friday fold: the Devil’s Backbone and its neighbor

Posted by Callan Bentley

Another guest Friday fold (keep ’em coming, people!) – this time from my friend and colleague Russ Kohrs, who shares these images from his family camping trip last weekend.

This one is called “The Devil’s Backbone:”

Down the road a ways, there was this:

Since the first one was an anticline and got dubbed “The Devil’s Backbone,” maybe we should call its neighbor, a syncline, by an opposite name. “The Angel’s Xiphoid Process,” perhaps? That’s certainly got a lovely ring to it…

Anyhow, Russ reports:

So, my wife took these images yesterday morning on our way back home from a two night getaway in Pocahontas County, West Virginia (which, by the way, is replete with fabulous exposures!). I’m sure you’ve seen and, probably, even used the “Devil’s Backbone Anticline” in your Friday Folds posts, but the other one was just a bit down the road – and, I think, it’s Martinsburg/Reedsville, just below the Tuscarora in the anticline.

Thanks for sharing, Russ. I welcome people submitting Friday fold photos to me. Get in touch if you’ve got some!