31 August 2018

Friday folds: Rifugio Fontana in the Dolomites

Posted by Callan Bentley

Another guest contribution for the Friday fold. Today, my friend Maitland Sharpe chips in with this mountainside he saw in Italy, specifically the

Dolomites, near Rifugio Fontana, Longarone

…And here is the same image, annotated in red to show the trace of bedding:

The strata here appear to be carbonates. I’d have guessed limestone, but given the fact that this is the Dolomites, I guess the chances are good that they are dolostone layers instead. The folding style is somewhere on the spectrum between kink banding and chevrons. It’s loooooooovely!

Two close-ups follow, one annotated:

I’m not even going to attempt tracing out bedding in that last one – I fear it may drive me insane!

Thanks for sharing, Maitland!
Readers, please know that I value your contributions to the Friday fold series – I love seeing the folds you see on your travels.

A happy Friday to all!