2 September 2015

The Liar’s Club, by Mary Karr

Posted by Callan Bentley

liarI just finished this excellent memoir by Mary Karr, mostly about her childhood, mostly in east Texas. It’s not explicitly geological but it does feature an oil town economy and a hurricane, as well as some consideration of the Rocky Mountain Front Range in Colorado. I didn’t read it out of any illusions it would be geological, though – I selected it from the library shelf more from a desire to broaden the diversity of the authors in the books on my nightstand. I’m so glad I picked it – it’s exquisitely written with a unique voice, snarky and deep in turns, describing experiences that run from the prosaic (but the way Karr writes about them, they seem profound and insightful) to the traumatic. There’s a lot of alcoholism described, serious family dysfunction, social friction, and two episodes of rape. It’s real, this stuff – and Karr writes so, so, so well about it all. She writes in a way that makes me envious; it’s so extraordinarily well done. She’s awesomely talented, and she has an incredible story to share. Recommended.