4 September 2015

Friday fold: Prins Christian Sund, Greenland

Posted by Callan Bentley

Twitter buddy Ian Stimpson posted some photos this week from his recent Arctic cruise. There are many gorgeous images in the set – you should check them all out – but this one in particular caught my eye:


This is at Prins Christian Sund (“Sound”), South Greenland. Ian suggests that the rocks are likely Palaeoproterozoic supracrustals – rocks that formed original as stratified rocks on Earth’s surface (sediments, volcanics) before being dunked down into Earth’s crustal interior and subjected to intense metamorphism and ductile deformation. Now, billions of years later, here they are back at the surface again.

Zooming in on the fold hinge:


It looks like Ian had excellent weather for much of his trip – I was surprised to see such sunny, crisp pictures from such a frigid part of the world. Check out the whole set!