10 October 2014

Friday folds: ploudin trio from Corridor H

Posted by Callan Bentley

You many recall the putative submarine mass transport deposit that Alan Pitts and I found on Corridor H, and that I’ve been back to several times with Dan Doctor of the USGS. Well, last month I was out there again, to GigaPan the site. While I was there, I took portraits of some of the folded and dismembered sandstone bodies (which I dubbed ploudins, as an amalgam between the word pillows –as in “ball and pillow structure”– and the word boudins).

Here are three of the best.




And to get a sense of the context in which these things formed, consider poking around this GigaPan of their source outcrop…


…and this GigaPan of the larger road cut in which it is found:


Happy Friday!