18 January 2013

Callan describes what he does in #upgoerfive language

Posted by Callan Bentley

Okay, I’ll bite.

I work at making people understand more about the big rock that we live on. I use pictures and drawing on the pictures to show how the rocks have changed because of pushing on the rocks. This pushing happens because of blocks of rock that move together and sometimes push into other blocks. Other times, a rock block will move away from another rock block. Then the rocks will fault. I move around on the big rock a lot and see new rocks and take pictures of them, and then I put those pictures (and pictures with drawing on them) on a place where people can see them and learn. I also talk to students about rocks in a college, and wave my arms around a lot. I like to think about the big rock and how old it is.

From the #upgoerfive text editor.