20 October 2011

Some links

Posted by Callan Bentley

Here are the bookmarks in my web browser’s “geology” folder. You may find some useful stuff here. Enjoy.

Geological Society of Washington
Earth Revealed videos
EARTH Magazine
UMD Geology Seminar Series
GSA Journals
Evolution of the Earth
Appalachian Structure Primer
Difficult Run gaging station data
NOAA Potomac River flood gauge
Shaded relief map viewer
William Smith Strata
Doc Rock
The National Map (USGS)
COMPRES Image Library
National Association of Geoscience Teachers
NAGT Eastern Section
W & M Department of Geology
Declan De Paor
Landsat Image Mosaic Of Antarctica
Earth System History (Stanley)
Interactive Tree Of Life
NIST Stone Test Wall
Geologist’s Lifetime List
Cambrian fossils imagery
Correlation with Gigapans
Kinds of Metamorphism
Ichnology Examples
Crinoid crawling
NY Times Commodities prices
Snowball Earth teaching slides
Encyclopedia of Earth
Mt. Rogers Field trip
Energy Info. Admin. stats
oil price chart
Ocean Acidification graph
Trends in Carbon Dioxide
Arctic sea ice extent
Arctic Sea Ice Volume
Cryosphere Today
GISS Surface Temperature Analysis
components of the global carbon cycle
State of the Climate NCDC
Rising sea level images (PBS: NOVA)
Sunspot data
Sunspot Cycles
Fool Me Once
Paleogeography and Geologic Evolution of North America
Geology Clip Art
Fossen structure text figures
Learn Structure (Leeds, UK)
Astronaut Photography of Earth
Libri Terrarum
States – Landsat 7 Collection
Gem & Mineral Hunter
Virginia Academy of Science (VAS)
Miner Mike
Earth Science Picture of the Day
MD/VA/NC/TN field trip
Biggs Award (Geoscience teaching) GSA
AMS Environmental Science Seminar Series
USC Sequence Stratigraphy
Structural Geology Chapters (Pollard & Fletcher)
VA geol maps (purchase)
VGFC: Virginia Geological Field Conference
USGS Earthquakes: USA
AFRICA Atlas of Our Changing Environment
Appalachian strat correlation
Images of Crustal Ages of the Ocean Floor from NGDC Marine Geology & Geophysics Division
NAGT Eastern section
The Arizona Geological Map
The California Geotour
Near Earth Objects Search
App. Tectonics Study Group
George Davis’ virtual samples
National Geologic Map Database
Antarctic Weddell Seal Winter Expedition
Population Clock
Teach the Controversy – Intelligently designed t-shirts urging you to show both sides of every story – by Jeremy Kalgreen: Teach the Controversy
CCSF Story of Time and Life
Lunar Sample 70017
Hydrologic Response in Well 27F2 SOW 019 to Worldwide Earthquakes
Bedrock Geology of the Mid-Atlantic United States
Hugh Rance: The Present is Key to Past

What geological sites do you have bookmarked?