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5 March 2012

Scott Mandia, climate communicator

Callan has a conversation with Scott Mandia, a community college professor working on the national level to improve the public’s understanding of climate science.


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20 October 2011

Some links

Here are the bookmarks in my web browser’s “geology” folder. You may find some useful stuff here. Enjoy. Geological Society of Washington Earth Revealed videos EARTH Magazine Geotimes UMD Geology Seminar Series GSA Journals Evolution of the Earth Appalachian Structure Primer USGS Water Data for LITTLE FALLS GAUGE Difficult Run gaging station data NOAA Potomac River flood gauge Shaded relief map viewer William Smith Strata Doc Rock The National Map …


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10 December 2010

Friday fold: sketchy syncline

For the structural geology fans among AGU’s readership, enjoy the weekly installment of the Friday fold.


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3 December 2010

Outcropedia edits

Outcropedia launched yesterday, and I think it has the potential to be a cool resource for geologists and amateur geology aficionados. I’m particularly excited about the strong structural flavor of the featured outcrops so far. (The site was initiated by three structural geologists.) However, there are some issues that will need to be resolved. Ron Schott pointed out one — misplacing outcrops. There’s also a functional issue of having to …


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