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7 September 2011

Graded bed from the Billy Goat Trail

Spotted this one Monday on the newly-rerouted section of the Billy Goat Trail’s Loop A, in Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. This graded bed was deposited as a turbidite in the Iapetus Ocean, sometime in the time-frame of 700 to 460 million years ago. It was metamorphosed 460 Ma during the late Ordovician Taconian Orogeny, and that’s probably when the little quartz veins formed, too. Click on it …


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6 September 2011

Callan gets friendly with dinosaur

At the Sheridan College natural history museum, this past summer.


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Two more macrobugs

It’s that kind of day. Grasshopper? Cricket? Katydid? Some kind of orthopteran, anyhow. Not a full adult, to judge by the lack of well-formed wings. And, here’s a yellow crab spider:


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Macrobug: Unidentified caterpillar – UPDATED

Some kind of caterpillar I spotted on the Billy Goat Trail yesterday – can’t find a perfect match for it to identify the species. Anyone know? Chime in. UPDATE – My colleague Victor Zabielski pinned it as Schizura concinna, the redhumped caterpillar. Thanks, Victor!


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2 September 2011

Friday fold: duplex structure in the gastropod limestone

The Friday fold is a gorgeously deformed “duplex structure” in Mesozoic limestones of southwestern Montana.


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