7 September 2011

Graded bed from the Billy Goat Trail

Posted by Callan Bentley

Spotted this one Monday on the newly-rerouted section of the Billy Goat Trail’s Loop A, in Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. This graded bed was deposited as a turbidite in the Iapetus Ocean, sometime in the time-frame of 700 to 460 million years ago. It was metamorphosed 460 Ma during the late Ordovician Taconian Orogeny, and that’s probably when the little quartz veins formed, too. Click on it to see the whole sample at much higher resolution. I’m looking forward to taking my Physical Geology students out there in a couple of months. These are students who started class with me two weeks ago, and probably would read this post now with bewilderment as to what’s being discussed. In two short months, though, they will be able to traverse this beautiful landscape and make sense of the geological evidence it presents. That’s so cool: I love seeing people learn.