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21 September 2011

A Burgess plume

At the Burgess Shale this summer, it wasn’t all fun and fossils. I also saw a lovely, distinctly feather-shaped plume: This is an example of plumose structure – the subtle branching micro-topography that forms on the surface of a joint as the fracture propagates out from its origin. The more obvious “rib” that is perpendicular to the feathery plumes represents a moment, perhaps only a fraction of a second long, …


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Geoblogger/Geotweep Rendezvous, summer 2012?

At the end of the summer, there was a conversation on Twitter about having a meet-up (“rendezvous” sounds more authentic, it was pointed out) for folks involved in geology social media: stuff like geoblogs and Twitter, but pretty much open to whoever’s into meeting up in some interesting place and exploring some geology together. Following up on the Twitter conversation, I’ve traded a few e-mails with one of the folks …


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