21 September 2011

Geoblogger/Geotweep Rendezvous, summer 2012?

Posted by Callan Bentley

At the end of the summer, there was a conversation on Twitter about having a meet-up (“rendezvous” sounds more authentic, it was pointed out) for folks involved in geology social media: stuff like geoblogs and Twitter, but pretty much open to whoever’s into meeting up in some interesting place and exploring some geology together.

Following up on the Twitter conversation, I’ve traded a few e-mails with one of the folks who initially indicated it might be suitable to have the event in Colorado, but now that looks less ideal from her perspective. So I propose we use the comments section of this e-mail to hash out a time and a place for the event. It could still be Colorado, but it doesn’t have to be.

Ideally, I think it would be someplace out west, on the front range or further west than that. One idea is to have it in Bozeman, Montana, a place that I know well enough to lead a few local field trips. But I’m not going to force that on anyone – from my perspective, it would be cool to go someplace new so that I could be a learner instead of a leader. I would like that even more than sharing Bozeman’s wonders with the online geological community. What do you think about location?

Second is the question of when to have the rendezvous. I suggest early August or latest July.