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20 January 2011

A warm, glowing feeling

Just got this in an email: “Hi professor Bentley, This is [redacted], I had you for Geology last Spring. I just wanted to email you to first off, thank you, and second off, to ask some questions. Before I took your class Science was my worst subject , and I did everything to avoid taking it. I ended up needing it so I chose Geology since i was very slightly …


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Reminder: AW#30, the Bake Sale

This is a friendly reminder that you have one more week to prepare your brownies, cakes, puddings, eclairs, gumballs, gobstoppers, and cookies for the Accretionary Wedge Bake Sale. The deadline for the submission of entries is a week from tomorrow, next Friday, January 28. Leave a link in the comments here, or at the original post. As an example of a coincidence that reinforces the “Bake Sale” theme, here’s an …


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