20 January 2011

A warm, glowing feeling

Posted by Callan Bentley

Just got this in an email:

“Hi professor Bentley,
This is [redacted], I had you for Geology last Spring. I just wanted to email you to first off, thank you, and second off, to ask some questions. Before I took your class Science was my worst subject , and I did everything to avoid taking it. I ended up needing it so I chose Geology since i was very slightly more interested in the earth rather than how the human body works. To this day I recommend you and your class to everyone I know because it was the best class I have ever taken. I looked forward to attending your class because you made it so interesting and ever since your class, Geology interests me so much and all of the places you traveled are now places I dream to travel one day. I actually took my family to the Billy Goat Trail on mothers day and taught them all of the things you taught me. You have been a huge inspiration to me and I am now looking into majoring in Geology, which is the last thing I ever would’ve imagined. So I wanted to thank you.”

: )