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26 March 2010

A day in the life

This month’s Accretionary Wedge is being hosted by Ed over at Geology Happens. Ed asks the rest of us a simple question, “What are you working on now?” Gosh, where to start? It’s a busy time for me, but then again, it almost always is. I spent last week immersed in the NE/SE GSA section meeting in Baltimore, and on the post-meeting “Transect Trip” across the Blue Ridge and Valley …


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Transect debrief 6: folding and faulting

Okay; we are nearing the end of our Transect saga. During the late Paleozoic, mountain building began anew, and deformed all the rocks we’ve mentioned so far. This final phase of Appalachian mountain-building is the Alleghanian Orogeny. It was caused by the collision of ancestral North America with the leading edge of Gondwana. At the latitude of Virginia, that means northwestern Africa (Morocco and/or Mauritania). Whereas the first two pulses …


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