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13 February 2015

Movies in your geology

No, that’s not a typo – it’s the topic of a discussion I prompted on Twitter a few weeks ago and then immediately forgot to post about. Fortunately, through the wonder of Storify, I can recap it for everyone. The backstory is that I had a request from a reader for movies he could show that featured geologically interesting places, but weren’t necessarily about geology or disasters. He also requested that they be fairly popular (things that had done well at the box office and might be expected to have been seen by a wide audience) and that they be things that intro students would recognize, either because they were recent or widely re-watched.


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1 March 2014

“Is the volcano erupting yet?” (A quick Pompeii review)

So, you may have seen me mention on Twitter that I was planning on seeing Pompeii this week – and I did, properly fortified with some nice cider at a nearby pub beforehand. I’m not going to give you the full rundown of the science and history of the eruption, because David Bressan is already working on a series of excellent posts about that. Instead, I’m going to treat this as a quick-and-snarky guide to whether you want the movie to feature at your next “bad geology movie night”.


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10 March 2012

Learning moments in geology movies

Between digging into fluid dynamics papers, figuring out stability fields for alteration minerals and generally dealing with being a grad student, I haven’t had a lot of time to post lately. (Plus I had to do my taxes this weekend…) But I did get great comments on the “Survival Geology” post, especially about using movies and TV to teach science, and I thought I’d run with some thoughts on those. …


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30 October 2010

Geological Frightfest: The Monolith Monsters

Lee Allison at Arizona Geology deserves credit for inspiring the last movie in the Frightfest series – in his post from June about the Piranha 3D movie, he also mentioned The Monolith Monsters. Again, it’s another 1950s movie I haven’t had the chance to see, but I’ll definitely have to remedy that if I can…guess what’s next on the Netflix queue? With a title like that, though, I couldn’t resist …


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29 October 2010

Geological Frightfest: El monstruo de los volcanes

Tonight’s post will be a short one, because it’s Friday and I just spent the last hour carving a pumpkin. This Frightfest offering comes via the suggestion of a devoted reader (thanks, Mom!), and I had to post it, even though I can’t find out a lot about the movie. This is the best I could dig up for El Monstruo de los Volcanes: A yeti-like creature with the power …


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28 October 2010

Geological Frightfest: Fantasia

All right, so Fantasia probably isn’t the first thing you think of when the topics of horror movies or geology come up (and I’m not talking about the whole movie, so I’m cheating a bit with this one). But I am talking about the excellent Night on Bald Mountain sequence, where the animators set Modest Mussorgsky’s composition of the same name. I loved Fantasia as a child, and still do …


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27 October 2010

Geological Frightfest: The Mole People

I thought I’d go with a classic film for today’s edition of Geological Frightfest, because the premise of The Mole People is just so interesting. It’s not actually one I’ve seen, and I know a lot of younger readers probably won’t have ventured into the realm of 1950s horror, so here’s a bit of summary from Wikipedia: “The film begins with a narration by Dr. Frank Baxter, an English professor …


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26 October 2010

Geological Frightfest: Jurassic Park Okay, given the super-gory, blood-soaked grossness that today’s monster movies seem to be embracing, Jurassic Park is pretty tame. Tasteful, even, when people get eaten by dinosaurs. But let me tell you, when it came out in 1993, that was a pretty darn scary movie. (I remember seeing it as an eight-year-old, and I can’t remember a movie since that’s actually frightened me out of my seat and two …


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25 October 2010

Geological Frightfest: Tremors

Halloween is pretty much my favorite holiday – when else can I show up at school in costume? – and I’ve decided to resurrect the theme of geology in the movies for a Halloween series this week. To start us off, I’ll turn to that classic geologic monster movie: Tremors. Tremors often comes up when lists of geology-themed movies are mentioned. Not only does it feature hungry subterranean critters, …


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5 May 2009

If I were a geologist on Star Trek…

…I could apply for a joint medical degree, because sometimes rocks need doctoring. …Sometimes a rock hammer wouldn’t be enough to deal with those really stubborn minerals. …I could give up hand lenses, thin sections, petrographic microscopes, microprobes, XRD, and point counting for this… (although a good geologist would never give up their hand lens) …It wouldn’t take me until the end of the episode to figure out that I …


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