21 January 2020

Where On (Google) Earth #603

Posted by Jessica Ball

Last week, in a moment of random thought, I suggested reviving our beloved Where On Google Earth (#WOGE). @i_rockhopper got to work right away restarting the contest, and I tracked down the image, thus earning myself the right to host the next and an hour of handicap according to the Schott Rule. (See below for the details of that rule, which keeps all us old-timers from dominating the contest.)

Here’s your next challenge in this geoscience reverse image search! (Click to embiggen.)

Where On Google Earth #603. This one makes me chuckle; it’s very Thor’s Hammer-esque.

Comment on this post or the one on Twitter with the coordinates and/or a feature name and relative location, and a brief description of why that spot is geologically interesting. The first to do this wins the right to choose the next image from Google Earth (with a north arrow and scale bar but no coordinates). This will then be hosted on their blog or Twitter (with the help of an established sci-commer if they don’t have their own platform), and the contest series continues.

Schott Rule: Previous winners must wait at least one hour for each win that they have before posting a solution, with the official post time on the blog as the starting gun.. The more wins you have, the longer you wait. Newbies can get started right away. 

Good luck!