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9 January 2009

Geology and the movies again…or “Why Disney’s Pocahontas Briefly Makes Me Want To Scream At The TV”

This is actually an older post I’ve been sitting on, but I wanted to get something posted this week, even if it’s not about current events. I love watching Disney movies, but occasionally the scientist gets in the way of the nostalgic enjoyment. I was reminded of this when “The Virginia Company” came up on my music player’s shuffle list. Pocahontas, which came out in 1995, is set in an …


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22 May 2008

Hat? Check. Leather Jacket? Check. Whip? Hm…

Nah, don’t actually have the whip. But I do have the hat and the jacket and a minor in anthropology.It’s about darn time.


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15 May 2008

Because Earth science does way more than rock

Here’s a good resource for anyone who’s introducing students to Earth science, trying to keep it in or add it to a curriculum, or anyone who wants to see really cool animations. It’s AGI’s “Why Earth Science” video, which they’ve recently posted on the web. There’s also an accompanying brochure available for downloading in English and Spanish versions.


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24 March 2008

Accretionary Wedge #7: Geology/ists in the Movies

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Accretionary Wedge – and happy birthday to John Wesley Powell, one of geology’s first real action heroes! This month’s scrapings dealt with (depending on how you look at it) one of the biggest sources of headaches or entertainment for the denizens of the Geoblogosphere: Geology/ists in the movies.Or, as some of the commentary seems to lean toward, “How Hollywood manages to screw up, …


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21 March 2008

An appropriate situation for “ROTFL”

Okay, I don’t usually talk about the whole evolution/creationism thing, but this post on Pharyngula is just about the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. I had to share.


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17 March 2008

Just a reminder: Accretionary Wedge #7 is coming up!

The deadline for submitting posts for the next Accretionary Wedge is Sunday, March 23 (just in time to overdose on Easter chocolate and let loose the ranting)! The subject is Geology/ists in the Movies. What do you love, loathe, laugh at and ridicule about Earth science and scientists as Hollywood envisions them? Here’s your chance to drag up the most obscure films you can find, or revive discussions of recent …


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25 February 2008

Accretionary Wedge Call for Posts: Geology/ists in the Movies

Installment #6 of The Accretionary Wedge is up at Lounge of the Lab Lemming, and there are more submissions than ever, all of them definitely hmmm-provoking. I didn’t get a post in this time, but I did volunteer to host the next one, so here it is: Geology/ists in the Movies This should be pretty easy – there’s no end of movies out there (many made by the SciFi channel, …


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