4 May 2012

Bancroft (a preview)

Posted by Jessica Ball

I was hoping to publish a really great set of posts on my recent trip to Bancroft, Ontario (metamorphic petrology galore), but the blogs have been having a few issues with image uploading. So until I can both upload the photos I want and have the time to comment on them properly, this will just be a teaser post with a few photo highlights.

The point of the excursion was to examine a progression of metamorphic facies formed under medium (Barrovian) pressure/temperature conditions. So our trip took us from Greenschist to Amphibolite to Granulite facies, all the way up to the point where the rocks gave up metamorphosing and just started to melt instead (migmatites!) There were also a few detours to mines because hey, mines are fun, especially when they have sodalite. And leucite crystals as big as your face.

Check it out!

Amygdyloidal (meta)basalt!
Contacts! (And phyllite, and breccia…)
Skarn! (Or “pink marble”, depending on whether you’re with our group or the Canadian group that we met on the way.)
Leucite crystals AS BIG AS YOUR FACE.

…and much much more. But commentary will have to wait until the photo issue is resolved and I’m not trying to get ready for my birthday outing tonight.

May the fourth be with you!