28 October 2011

I get comments…

Posted by Jessica Ball

Usually the spam comments I get are the usual – trying to advertise or sell something or interest me in services of a sexual/pharmaceutical nature. But sometimes I get things that are, shall we say, bizarre. This one, I had to share:

Super volcano eruptions bring Ice Ages-http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2048432/Secret-volcanic-super-eruptions-happen-100k-years-unlocked.html

Glacials start with volcanic clouding:
Νοw quakes – volcanic activity – cloud cover – storms – floods rise, as happened just before world-devastating 5year 1815-20 Tambora volcanic winter and during most of the Little Ice Age, that provoked the cannibalic COLLAPSE of deforestating Mayas, Aztecs, Incas…

If altruist rescuers coordinate, humankind may revive truce and mutual-aid to AVERT next ice age!

We immediately must test the proposal to AVERT volcanic winter through crater-caps/grids hold by zeppelins over extra active volcanoes to prevent ash ejection to the stratosphere: the begining of every ice age. Alternatively, we can bomb them with NO nuclear weapons.
OPEN PUBLIC DIALOGUE, DECENTRALIZATION and GLOBAL AFFORESTATIONS offer food and wood, promote mutual-aid and prevent cannibalism.


Um. Yeah.

I think what the commenter is advocating is putting hats on volcanoes using blimps so we don’t have ice ages and cannibalize each other, but bombing the volcanoes (not with nuclear weapons) may also be involved.

(By the way, don’t read the comments on the DailyMail article the commenter mentions. Really.)