14 December 2010

AGU Fall Meeting 2010: Monday Dec. 13 Recap

Posted by Jessica Ball

Well, I’ve learned my lesson not to book flights through the Midwest in December, although I made my reservations a few months ago (and of course had no way to predict a darn blizzard). Still, I missed Monday’s sessions, which was disappointing (lots of neat talks!), as well as the Social Media Soiree. I wish I could have been here just a little earlier!

Today (Tuesday) is shaping up quite nicely; I’ll be visiting some posters in the Volcanology/Geochemistry/Petrology morning and afternoon sessions, attending the Ice Volcanoes and Hot Plasma Explosions press conference this morning, and checking out the V24A. Supervolcanoes talks in the afternoon. Hopefully I’ll have some time tonight to recap what I’ve seen (and maybe post a few photos of the meeting.)