6 October 2010

Another update & contacting info

Posted by Jessica Ball

I know, silence on the blog is boring…

My department is in the middle of moving to another building, so I’m probably not going to be blogging until next week. And the move for the blog is still in the works, so hang in there! I’ll be back to normal operations soon.
And, just a brief note for folks who’ve been contacting me lately:
Thanks for writing! I love getting messages, especially if I can help you out with a geological conundrum. I would appreciate it, though, if you would try to send them to me at the email address listed in my contact info (magmacumlaude at gmail dot com). Messages left in the comments don’t come to my attention as quickly, and I’d rather keep comments related to the post that they’re associated with. (Questions via Twitter are fine, as long as they’re short or include an email that I can write back to.) 
Thanks bunches!

*PS* I noticed that Blogger didn’t seem to be displaying my email properly for some reason. Sorry if it wasn’t available! I’ve fixed it and it should show up on my profile now.