13 October 2010

A whole bunch of news

Posted by Jessica Ball

I’ve been neglecting my posting lately because of our department move, but here’s a little housecleaning (and there’ll be a real post later today):

It’s Earth Science Week! This year’s theme is “Exploring Energy”, and there’s a lot going on – maybe even something in your area, which you can check on the “Events In Your Area” page. There are also contests to enter (including a photography contest that’s open to anyone).

Can’t find an event in your area, or don’t know how to get involved in an energy-related activity?Consider an alternate – helping students and classrooms in need! Anne Jefferson and Chris Rowan over at Highly Allocthonous are hosting their yearly Earth Science DonorsChoose Challenge to raise money in support of low-income classrooms. You can read about earth science projects teachers are hoping to get their students involved in, and donate any amount of money to help purchase equipment and learning materials! (All the money will go directly to the project, and it’s often matched by corporate sponsors. We’re also in a friendly competition with other science bloggers, so let’s show them that earth science folks really rock!)

You may have seen the announcements in other places, and I’ve hinted at this without giving details, so here’s mine: Magma Cum Laude will be joining a number of other earth science bloggers on a new AGU blogging network! It looks like the move will be happening sometime next week. I’m really excited to be joining a group of excellent geobloggers, including Callan Bentley of Mountain Beltway, Dave Petley of Dave’s Landslide Blog, and Ryan Anderson of The Martian Chronicles. I’ve seen some of the preliminary pages for the network, and I have to say it looks pretty slick – the move will involve a few cosmetic changes to the look of this blog, but I think they’re going to turn out great. I’ll cross-post to this site for a while, and remind you to update your links, once the move happens.