5 March 2008

Living dangerously…is totally fun

Posted by Jessica Ball

Geotripper managed to start a really cool little meme about dangerous pursuits in the name of geology, which has turned into a Carnival of Death-Defying Geologists. So I felt I had to contribute a few experiences…

Okay, it’s not death-defying (like Kim’s water-related entry), but there were some death threats involved at the end of the day when we met back up with the prof who said, “Oh, you should ford the river there, it looks pretty shallow.” Sure.

Attack spiders are a big problem in the Texas desert.

So are big rocks. (Granted, this mudflow deposit hadn’t moved for a while, but that rock definitely could have…uh…been shaken loose by a freak earthquake.)

I have a bad habit of sitting on the edge of really high places.

And of course, the obligatory crazy volcanologist photos – because who can really resist playing with hot lava?