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2 June 2021

The 1918 Getå landslide disaster in Sweden

On 1 October 1918 a train was derailed by a landslide at Getå in Sweden. The accident, and the subsequent fire, killed at least 42 people.


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14 November 2019

Lokeberg: an interesting quick clay slide triggered by piling in Western Sweden

On 13 November 2019 a landslide affected a coastal area at Lokeburg in western Sweden. It appears that this was a quick clay landslide triggered by piling for a new beach house.


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16 December 2009

Having a bad day with a drilling rig!

Most of us who work with landslides have on occasions had to work on drilling – dangerous, dirty, difficult to deal with – and that’s just the drillers! One of the most difficult problems is knowing where the drilling head is actually going. In this context there is an extraordinary story that I found through GeoPractNet, on a The Local, a Swedish news site, from 11th December: Driver in shock …


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