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22 April 2022

Understanding the deadly landslides in the Durban area of South Africa

Earlier this month the Durban area of South Africa suffered landslides and floods that have killed at least 440 people.


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15 December 2020

The large landslide at Gamsberg mine: high resolution satellite images

The large landslide at Gamsberg mine: a high resolution Planet Labs SkySat satellite image of the aftermath of the failure


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2 December 2020

Gamsberg mine in South Africa: when is a landslide a geotechnical failure?

On 17 November 2020 a major landslide occurred on a high wall at the Gamsberg mine in South Africa, killing two workers.


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13 April 2010

Junk natural hazards science of the month – earthquake risks to the World Cup in South Africa

Although this is meant to be a blog on landslides, occasionally things appear in other areas of natural hazards that are so irritatingly ridiculous that I just can’t let them go.  And so in the last few days a story has been doing the rounds about earthquake risk to the forthcoming football World Cup in South Africa.  For example,  The Daily Star newspaper in the UK (not necessarily worth reading …


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