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5 January 2016

Abergeldie Castle: extreme riverbank erosion threatens a 16th Century castle in Scotland

In Scotland, extreme rainfall has induced riverbank erosion that has left the 16th Abergeldie Castle at risk of imminent collapse.


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15 February 2011

Riverbank collapse on the lower Murray River in Australia

Photos of my visit to South Australia in relation to riverbank collapse hazards on the Murray River


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10 January 2010

Riverbank collapses on the Murray River in Australia

As I am currently in Sydney en route to New Zealand it seemed appropriate to post an Australian story. Australia rarely appears on the fatal landslide database, but it currently has a profound slope failure issue of its own, which is sufficiently serious to merit a campaign by a newspaper. The issue is related to the Murray River in the southeast of the country: The problem is that the Murray …


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16 September 2008

River bank erosion in Taiwan during Typhoon Sinlaku

Over the weekend Typhoon Sinlaku slowly tracked across the northern part of Taiwan (Fig. 1). Whilst attention was diverted towards the landfall of Hurricane Ike in Texas, this typhoon wreaked considerable havoc across Taiwan. The steep, weak mountains of Taiwan are amongst the most landslide prone environments on Earth. Typhoons in Taiwan deposit extraordinary amounts of rain. Typhoon Sinlaku was no exception – parts of Taichung County in central Taiwan …


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