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6 November 2020

Hurricane Eta: dozens killed by landslides in Central America

Hurricane Eta: news reports indicate that dozens of people have been killed by landslides in Central America, with at least 50 deaths in Guatemala alone


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13 February 2011

Two videos: the aftermath of the remarkable Turkish open cast mine accident and a CNN hero

A short post proving a video of the aftermath of the turkish open cast mine accident, and a link to a CNN video on the work Of Anne Hallum


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5 April 2009

The Casita landslide revisited

One of the most deadly hurricanes of modern times was Hurricane Mitch, which tracked across Central America in late October 1998. Many of the tens of thousands of victims were killed by landslides. Perhaps the most notable event was a lahar (a volcanic landslide) that swept down from near the summit of Casita volcano in Nicaragua, killing about 2500 people over the course of its 6 km path (and some …


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