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21 January 2021

Mount Darwin: another rock avalanche in New Zealand, with a groovy runout pattern

Mount Darwin: another recent rock avalanche in New Zealand, with a groovy runout pattern.


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3 February 2017

Helicopter sluicing of the Kaikoura landslides

In New Zealand, the authorities are using helicopter sluicing to remove loose material from landslides and unstable slopes after the Kaikoura earthquake


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18 September 2009

Extraordinary! Using a helicopter sledgehammer to clear loose rock from a cliff!

I thought I had seen everything until I saw this video! It is from Norway, showing an extraordinary method for removing a loose rock pillar from a high, steep cliff. The answer is obvious – just hang a 1.8 tonne block on a cable under the helicopter and bash the offending rock with your new sledgehammer. This must take very skillful flying. The most amazing thing is that it worked …


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