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10 June 2021

Legal proposals to improve safety on Welsh and English coal tips

The Law Commission has published welcome proposals to change the legal framework on the management of coal tip safety in England and Wales


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4 June 2021

The 31 May 2021 landslide at the Bingham Canyon mine

On 31 May 2021 a landslide occurred at the Bingham Canyon mine in Utah, USA. This failure was successfully anticipated through the application of geotechnical monitoring


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29 April 2021

The mining-induced Jianshanying Landslide in Guizhou Province China

A new paper in the journal Landslides (Chen et al. 2021) highlights the enormous and very rapidly evolving Jianshanying Landslide in Guizhou Province China, triggered by coal mining.


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8 January 2021

Brumadinho: signs of precursory deformation

A new paper (Grebby et al 2021) uses InSAR to detect precursory deformation of the Brumadinho tailings dam before the disastrous failure in 2019. The authors suggest that the failure might have been predictable with use of appropriate monitoring techniques.


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24 December 2020

The deadly landslide at the Carmen Copper Mine in the Philippines

There are two amazing videos of the deadly landslide at the Carmen Copper Mine in the Philippines, which killed 10 people on Monday


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2 December 2020

Gamsberg mine in South Africa: when is a landslide a geotechnical failure?

On 17 November 2020 a major landslide occurred on a high wall at the Gamsberg mine in South Africa, killing two workers.


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2 July 2020

Sate Mu village: another dreadful jade mining landslide in Myanmar

Another dreadful landslide has occurred in the Hpakant jade mining area of Kachin state in Myanmar. The landslide, at Sate Mu, killed at least 113 people.


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5 April 2020

The 1935 colliery landslide in Cwmaman, South Wales

In 1935 a large colliery landslide came very close to causing major damage to Cwmaman in South Wales. An archive Pathe News report provides detail.


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31 March 2020

The Luming Mine tailings accident in China

A significant tailings accident occurred on 28 March 2020, this time at the Luming Mine in Heilongjiang Province in NE China.


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4 February 2020

Mina Pecket: a dramatic landslide in an open cast coal mine in 2014

On 1 April 2014 a large landslide occurred at Mina Pecket, an open cast coal mine in the southern part of Chile. The mine was closed as a consequence.


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