7 April 2016

Five new landslide videos – two dashcam films from China, two rockfall films and a video from GNS about earthquake triggered failures

Posted by Dave Petley

Three new landslide videos – two dashcam films from China and a video from GNS about earthquake triggered rockfalls
1. A dashcam film of a large landslide from China:

This video has been around for a few weeks now.  It is a very impressive large landslide, caught by a dashcam camera.  There is no more information on either Youtube or Liveleak:


2. A dashcam video of a landslide near to Guilin in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Guangxi, China

There is a little more information about this one.  It is less dramatic, but still interesting.  The driver was clearly rather wise in choosing not to proceed and pick his/her way around the rocks in the road.  This illustrates one of the hidden perils – the precursory falls cause vehicles to slow down, which means they are in danger for much longer:


The full description from Youtube is as follows:-

Torrential rain over the Qingming Festival three-day weekend has triggered landslides in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Footage shot by a car’s dashcam shows the moment a landslide took place on an expressway in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County on Monday. Realizing the danger of the situation ahead, the car driver and a passing van stopped just in time and hurriedly reversed their vehicles.

3. What is it like to be caught in a rockfall?

The answer is truly terrifying.  This was published on Youtube on 30th March.  It occurred in Ancash, Huaraz in Peru:


This could have had a terrible ending.

4. A big toppling failure from India

This apparently happened in the Pangi Valley in Himachal, India.  There is no time stamp:


And finally, a video from GNS Science about their response to the most recent Christchurch earthquake

This is a very nice video about how Geonet / GNS Science responded to the Valentines Day earthquake in Christchurch.  The first part of the film features the rockfall team, including my friend and former student, Chris Massey.