1 March 2011

Very interesting (and large) landslide in La Paz, Bolivia

Posted by Dave Petley

Bolivia has been suffering from a period of very wet weather for several weeks now, inducing floods and landslides over large areas of the country.  In the capital La Paz this has triggered a very large, but fortunately slow, landslide that jas reportedly destroyed 400 or more houses.  There is a good AP video of the landslide on Youtube, which should be visible below:

There is also a good video here (although please ignore the rather odd text at the start and the even more bizarre comments on the Youtube page.


The AGU blogsite currently has a technical problem that means that I cannot post images, but there is an excellent but appalling set of photographs of the event here.  The landslide is both very large and apparently deep seated.  I would very much like to see an aerial shot of the site before and after the landslide to try to work out the mechanism.  It is quite intriguing.