3 September 2021

Two Connected Images

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The New Jersey State Climatologist posted a map of the rainfall from Ida Wednesday night. Look at these rainfall totals!

Now, Look at this graph from Dr. Brian Brettschneider. He posted this on Twitter today. It might surprise you to know that August was the 543rd month with global ocean temps. above the average for the 20th century. 

The planet is about one degree C. warmer than it was one hundred years ago and the warm oceans are pumping a lot more water vapor into the air. It hangs around until a storm develops that can convert that water vapor to rainfall, and when that happens you get heavier rain.

Yes, we get hurricanes and floods, even in a climate that is not changing, but ALL weather is connected to climate change now. Just how much worse this event was from the warm oceans is a separate question, and it may be answerable by an attribution study. There are some scientists who are really good at this, but it’s connected.

No doubt about that. Even if it conflicts with your worldview.