23 December 2018

Guy Walton Proves You can Teach Climate Change to 4th Graders In A Whole Different Way!

Posted by Dan Satterfield

Meteorologists start out with a fascination of weather like snowstorms and tornadoes and hurricanes, but by the time you finish a degree in atmospheric science you end up falling in love with the physics behind it all! We still love all the other weather but I still remember my fascination as I learned the physics and how we can  predict the travels and the temperature and velocity of a blob of air!!

I can even tell you about what time clouds will develop on a summer day and at what height they will be when they form. How? It’s thermodynamics!

Granted, we are pretty lousy at explaining just how cool this is but not Guy Walton. He’s written a book that shows that thermodynamics is not something to be afraid of and he wrote it for grades 4-7!  World of Thermo uses the basic principles of thermodynamics to explain climate change in a new and different way to young students. This book is proof that it’s possible to explain climate change and how cool thermodynamics is without a deep dive into math.

If you know a young person who is fascinated with weather, this book is highly recommended.  The illustrations are superb as well and Guy knows his stuff, and is a friend and very well known (and highly thought of) among his peers. You can follow him on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/climateguyw

If you have Kindle Unlimited his book is free!