22 February 2018

Astounding Warmth In the Eastern U.S. and Across the Arctic

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The big weather story in February has not been snow, but the astounding heat. The Danish Meteorological Institute has a station on the Arctic Ocean in Northern Greenland. While in total darkness, and just 400 miles from the North Pole, the temperature there climbed above freezing Tuesday!

Look at the records across the Eastern U.S. Tuesday afternoon. Boston hit 70° F Tuesday, which is only the third 70-degree temperature recorded in  February since records began in 1872. They made it 4 today. and Ulysses Grant was President when records began in Boston! Fitchburg Mass. hit 80 Wednesday afternoon making it the warmest February day on record in Massachusets. New York City had it’s warmest February with 78° in Central Park. Look at all the records set today:

And then there’s the global sea ice extent, which has continued to track at the lowest levels measured for most of the NH winter.


The Arctic sea ice is also at record lows at the time of maximum winter extent, and it’s not even a close call on that record. (Hat tip to Zack Labe {@ZLabe} for the image below).

Look at how warm the entire Arctic is right now:

Temperatures north of 80° have been as warm as 10-15 °C ABOVE normal since the beginning of the year:

You can track this here: http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/meant80n.uk.php

Record highs happen, even in a stable climate, but a stream of all time records like this, along with the warmest February morning on record across most of the Eastern U.S. is yet another symptom of a changing climate. When you put all the evidence together, you can come to only one logical conclusion:

The climate of the 20th century is no more.