2 November 2017

Here’s What I Think Is Cool

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I came into work and got a real surprise today. Then the news anchors surprised me again (See video below). Big thanks to Matthew Cappucci for writing such a great story and I’m honored to be included in his seven coolest broadcast meteorologists. Perhaps even more so since I have gray hair!

Matthew will soon be Harvard’s FIRST meteorology grad by the way, and that’s what I’d call really cool! 

I actually had a plan to write about some of the great meteorologists/science communicators I know in this space, and it’s a lot more than seven. I learn from them every day and especially when we get together at AMS meetings. The next one is in January and it will be the AMS annual meeting. One thing I have learned over the years is that every meteorologist knows something about atmospheric science that I need (and want) to know. For those reading this who don’t have gray hair, some advice from me (and I am certain) the author of that piece, Matthew Cappucci: Be curious about everything!

Never stop learning.